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NITBY is a unique solution to enable User Access Management Catalog updates Data maintenance for Coupa BSM Platform

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Use Cases: NITBY IDM has been designed in 2014 during the 1st Coupa BSM Worldwide implementation.

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Type a name and a Business Profile and NITBY will generate automatically  the perfect Coupa Profile

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Coupa Catalog Update

NITBY has developped all the required functionalities to simplify the process

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Coupa Support

All Coupa Setup tables are already available in NITBY with simplified templates

B case: NITBY is self financed by the cost reduction it creates


Our Story

In 2014, our team was entrusted with managing the Master Data Management activities for the first Coupa Worldwide implementation.


To ensure seamless imports, we replicated all Coupa Import files in Excel and used macros to automatically verify cross data before uploading it to Coupa.


This approach was highly successful, resulting in a successful Coupa deployment.

Recognizing the potential of this methodology, we decided to transform the macros into a full-fledged solution.


After two years of research and development, the Master Data Checker was launched by ARNEO in September 2016. This innovative solution can interface with any system.

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Interest & Benefits


User Satisfaction

All data update requests required by the Business is handled properly in a timely manner


Very High Data quality

100% of your changes are error free guarantee

(Integration & Business)


Governance compliant

Governance compliance respect and Segregation of Duty rules are 100% guarantee


Audit trai

Each action is logged and tracked


RUN cost reduction

Maintenance is done by the Business. No support  team required anymore


In May 2017, our developers delivered the R3, which enabled users to connect to SAP Concur and manage Concur user access globally.

In February 2018, we released the R4 with a new and improved user interface, resulting in the birth of the NITBY

Import Data Management solution.

With the release of R5.1 in February 2019, we introduced fully customized forms to enhance the user experience.

However, in September 2020, despite the technical capabilities of the R6.2, we realized that our message to clients was unclear and the solution was not achieving commercial success.

As a result, we made two important decisions: to focus on Coupa use cases and to rebuild the solution from scratch.

In September 2021, we launched NITBY Import Data Management R7, which is now supporting a second Coupa platform globally.

In April 2022, our solution was approved by Coupa customers during Berlin Inspire, and we are planning to apply to the Coupa App Marketplace during the summer.

April 2023, Coupa certication is almost completed

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