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Use Cases: NITBY IDM has been designed in 2014 during the 1st Coupa BSM Worldwide implementation


coupa user

Type a name and a Business Profile and NITBY will generate automatically  the perfect Coupa Profile

NITBY has developped all the required functionalities to simplify the process

All Coupa Setup tables are already available in NITBY with simplified templates

B case: NITBY is self financed by the Support teams it removes

Interest & Benefits

User Satisfaction

All data update requests required by the Business is handled properly in a timely manner

Very High Data quality

100% of your changes are error free guarantee

(Integration & Business)

Governance compliant



Governance compliance respect and Segregation  of Duty rules are

100% guarantee

Audit trail






Each action is logged and tracked

RUN cost reduction





Maintenance is done by the Business. No support  team required anymore

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