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Data Maintenance

Welcome to the Import Data Management Platform

One Process

Data Integration

Your data change has been approved, Data change is pushed in the target application/database

Data Collection

Data Manager has access to the latest template with guidelines. Release management risk is now mitigated

Data Control

Data is checked against data reference or any control and Data Manager's profile. Data segregation is now possible.

Data Approval

Once your data has been controlled, you can directly submit the data change for approval.

NITBY IDM is a unique cross over with functionalities coming from Master Data Management, ETL (Extract Transform & Load) and ITSM (IT Service management)

Import Data Management

Dedicated to manage Non Integrated Master Data, Import Data Management prevents data errors in your Applications & Databases

Stopping data errors reduces your Application support & maintenance costs

Database don't leverage a reliable update process


Contingent Workers don't exist in your HR system, complex profiles are too specific to be interfaced, even using ETL

Complex data
Non Profitable Cost

Total cost of an interface is too high

for non frequent updates.

They are not profitable

Data is everywhere, you have to consider the Import Data Management as a new key activity for your organization. Our solution, NITBY Import Data Management has been designed based on these findings and meets all the cases.

For all your Applications & Databases
Only one entry point for your Data Managers
Only one approval point for your Data Approvers


End Users Satisfaction

Using one process with one solution will reduce significantly the data update cycle time. Business is not blocked anymore.

Very High   Data Quality

Data loaded in your database/applications is 100% clean guarantee.

Governance Compliance



Data Governance Compliance is 100% guarantee. Segregation Of Duty is respected






Each action is recorded by the platform.


RUN Cost





Applications can be maintained by the Business directly. One or two Support Levels can be removed.

Vendor Portal

Business Cases

Your Products databases need to be updated by different actors, respect business rules, align with other databases, or be approved before been updated

User Access Management
Vendor Portal

Your suppliers can request their own data updates on the portal. You approve the change and it's pushed in 

NITBY IDM can be setup to fix any data management situation


Business applications require complex user profiles. All of them can be updated using a unique solution

Database Update

Our story

NITBY Consulting has been created in March 2011o to become an expert in design, build and implementation of Procure to Pay solutions.

Based on this background, we’ve designed and built a unique and exclusive Import (non interfaced) Data Management solution which updates any SAAS solutions and Databases, while controlling data before upload.

Designed in 2014, NITBY Import Data Management R2 has been delivered by NITBY Software in September 2016 after 2 years dedicated to R&D and testing.

Our first success story is the worldwide implementation of COUPA Spend Management. Others are on their way.

May 2017, our developers have just delivered the brand new R3 which is now CONCUR compatible. First end users are enjoying very fast User profile update in Asia.

January 2018, we're working with Workday and Trintech to capture their data model.

February 2018, brand new R4 featuring a totally reshaped users interface has been delivered successfully

September 2018, we just finished the R5 design with amazing new functionalities. Our product is moving to a new level.

February 2019, R5.1 featuring a brand new module called NITBY eform is now operating in Production, all around the World.

September 2020, R6.2 allows new business cases never covered so far.

October, in parallel we just completed the design of R7. This new version is based on the IDM functionalities but  merged with Service Requests managements.

The new tool called 'EZMD' will be launched in March 2021.

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