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Coupa Catalog Update

NITBY has been designed to manage Coupa Hosted Catalog creation & updates.

Very simple Catalog contract creation

All your catalogs are available and can be updated very easily

You just complete
contract catalog.png

and NITBY will generate and integrate the perfect Coupa file.

Your catalogs are available from the console


You can access to the current version and update it in one click


You can generate a Comparison report (to identify changes between the last 2 versions in one click

  • Automatic transfer from your former eprocurement system to Coupa

  • Easy storage of all your active Catalogs

  • Easy update from the same format

  • Data quality check (no integration errors)

  • Automatic CSV conversion

  • Supplier id & contract name completed in the background (no consistency error)

  • Supportive tool for your Business Process Outsourcing

  • Comparison report

  • Multiple Environnments synchronization

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